Human Computer Interaction

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Researches the design and use of computer technology, focusing particularly on the interfaces between people (users) and computers. Researchers in the field of HCI bothobserve the ways in which humans interact with computers and design technologies that lets humans interact with computers in novel ways.

Humans interact with computers in many ways; and the interface between humans and the computers they use is crucial to facilitating this interaction. Desktop applications, internet browsers, handheld computers, and computer kiosks make use of the prevalentgraphical user interfaces (GUI) of today.

Human-Computer Interaction studies the ways in which humans make, or make not, use of computational artifacts, systems and infrastructures.

List of works

marzo 13, 2015

Touchless Interaction

The developed multi-touch screen provides a user interface customized for doctor requirements that allows many users to interact at the same time with the 3D models […]
marzo 13, 2015

Virtual touchscreen

Using the virtual interface, the interactions with the 3D models of the patient’s organs happen in real-time and the interface appears as a touch-screen suspended in […]
marzo 13, 2015

3D Stereo Visualization for Surgical Pre-Operative Planning

Stereo visualization provides a human immersion into virtual space and is an important feature of the virtual reality applications. The developed application, after a segmentation process […]