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Augmented Reality technology allows the real-time fusion of computer-generated digital content with the real world and displays information that the user cannot directly detect with the own senses. Augmented Reality enhances the users’ perception and improves their interaction with the real world.

The goal of this research activity is to use virtual and augmented reality technologies together with image-based techniques to support surgeons in the diagnosis, planning and operating phase of a surgical procedure. Image processing techniques make it possible to reconstruct 3D models of the organs of a patient from the CT/MRI scans of his body. These models together with the use of visualization and interaction modalities which try to enfatize the details of interest and to improve simplicity and usability can give the surgeons information on a pathological condition which is difficult to detect on pure CT slices.

Augmented Reality technology can guide the surgeon in the operating phase through the overlay of these 3D models and other medical data onto the real patient, allowing to have a sort of ”X-Ray” vision of the body and providing a view of the patient’s anatomy.

List of works

marzo 13, 2015

Augmented Reality in RFA of the Hepatic Tumours

Hepatic cancer is one of the most common solid cancers in the world. As surgery of hepatic cancer is seldom applicable, different solutions have been found […]
marzo 13, 2015

Augmented Reality in Pediatric Laparoscopy

One trend in surgery is the transition from open procedures to minimally invasive interventions explanation. The availability of a system for the pre-operative planning of a […]
marzo 13, 2015

Human Anatomy Visualization and Navigation System for Image-Guided Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery offers advantages that make it the best choice for many diseases. Modern technologies give a great support to this kind of surgical procedures […]
marzo 13, 2015

Distance Measurement for an Accurate Laparoscopy Surgery

The idea of Minimally Invasive Surgery is to reduce the trauma for the patient by minimizing incisions and tissue retraction. Despite the improvement in outcomes, these […]